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Lockheed Martin CyberQuest Australia 2023 Champion

Oh hey there, thanks for stoppin by. Welcome to my blog site. Here I’ve got all my blog posts updating you on what exactly I’m working on in different aspects of I.T.. It’s best to expect 2 posts a week, one on a data science topic and one on a web development topic, with the possibility of others posts if I find something interesting to work on or if I cover other extensions of the work.


Continuing development on the CNN before the due date
·306 words·2 mins
Data Science Python Machine Learning
Fixing up Winstogram's Code Comments and Documentation
·263 words·2 mins
Web Dev Python Flask HTML CSS JavaScript
Convolutional Neural Network
·377 words·2 mins
Data Science Machine Learning Python
Presentation preparation
·347 words·2 mins
Data Science